Artificial intelligence and war machines and the end of the world as we know it.

In an alternate timeline of our Earth, humanity wiped itself out and left behind sentient vehicles that continued fighting their war until there was little left to fight over. A hundred years later, clans battle for territories and infrastructure, and independent teams roam the remaining no-man's-land. Although their lives are a perpetual fight for survival in a hostile world, between all the battles and conflict we can find stories of friendship, hope, and kindness.

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Recent Blog Posts

Since May I have been working on a new story/novel which is meant to make the Hummelverse lore more accessible to new readers, but also entertaining to those who are already familiar with it.

So, for th...

Phew. That took a while, but the 6th issue of my online magazine is now online! It comes with Chapter 12, some news and a review of the year so far, as well as fun specials and lore bits.

The Hummelpos......

Eject’s model is now on Sketchfab (finally)!

I figured I’d go the extra mile and give him an interesting pose since I’m only allowed to upload one model per month anyway with that free account&he...

Friendship ended with Blender, now Unity is my best friend again…

I was working on Rook’s diary today and also had the thought that I should make a model for him. Well that was a cursed

There’s a new logo now, made by yours truly. :)

It’s much simpler than the old one, I hope it will be more recognizable now.

I want to restructure my World Anvil page to be narrative-driven instead. So meet Rook, the new PoV character who is fresh out of the factory and will discover the world of the Hummelverse together wi...