Artificial intelligence and war machines and the end of the world as we know it.

In an alternate timeline of our Earth, humanity wiped itself out and left behind sentient vehicles that continued fighting their war until there was little left to fight over. A hundred years later, clans battle for territories and infrastructure, and independent teams roam the remaining no-man's-land. Although their lives are a perpetual fight for survival in a hostile world, between all the battles and conflict we can find stories of friendship, hope, and kindness.

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I want to restructure my World Anvil page to be narrative-driven instead. So meet Rook, the new PoV character who is fresh out of the factory and will discover the world of the Hummelverse together wi...

“Kära du ulver du bit inte mig!
Dig vill jag giva min guldkrona!”

- “Guldkrona jag passar ej på,
Ditt unga liv och blod måst gå.”...

My past two days were spent creating streets and populating them. 95% of the time was spent creating the streets. There’s still a lot more work to do on the buildings and props.

Here’s another animation. This one turned out really sad… Poor Goggles. She has seen some bad things.